Apartment Service

Erica Daniels was dead tired, and every one she wished was a hot shower and an honest nights sleep! A full day of conferences with designers and money officers had left her completely spent. She continuously detested coming back to the big apple, not solely due to the endless traffic jams, however as a result of it continuously gave the impression of each issue was quick, fast, quick with ne’er a chance to only take it easy! a minimum of she was in a very smart edifice with all the amenities, cuz she was attending to order space service instead of fight her method through a eating house crowd. She picked up the phone and dialed eight, in a very few second she was being connected with the room wherever she ordered a Caesar salad and a hamburger rare. “Twenty minutes,” she replied, “good, I’m famished!” Continue reading “Apartment Service”

Lingerie Seller

Cindy looked within the mirror and once gazing her out sized type for many seconds, poor down in tears as her rolls of fat began shaking gently in time together with her sobs!!! whereas she wasn’t very tall, she packed a awfully hefty 2 hundred fifty 5 pounds on her massive boned frame, and as she sobbed away, her large breasts, that decorated nearly to her waist jiggled back and forth because the tears rolled down her cheeks all the manner right down to her nipples!!! Continue reading “Lingerie Seller”

The Graduate Adjutant

Jason was in deep hassle and he knew it, he was on the verge of flunking social science 1! Saviour, why did he even take this stupid course, it had completely nothing to try to to together with his major, and if he didn’t get a minimum of a passing grade, he wouldn’t graduate this spring together with his category, and what’s worse, he’d need to keep for the summer session and take it once again and he had plans to tour Europe with a handful of his buddies as quite a final fling. whereas academician Watters was identified for his toughness, Jason patterned he didn’t have something to lose by doing a touch mendicancy for his tutorial life, therefore he scheduled an arrangement with the academician for the subsequent day. Right from the beginning he might see that coming back here had been a giant mistake, as academician Watters was whole unsympathetic to his scenario. “Study more durable, Mr. Polk, that’s the sole recommendation I will offer you,” Profesor Watters rhythmic enigmatically, “I’ve ne’er given a grade that a student didn’t be, and that i most definitely won’t begin now!!!” “Good day, Mr. Polk,” he aforesaid acidly, “I have tons of labor to do!” Continue reading “The Graduate Adjutant”


Carolyn Chase emotional simply through the gang, stopping sometimes stopping to talk with one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} the guests attending black tie gala in a downtown Washington, DC hotel! along with her mane of long blonde hair, massive voluptuous chest, vast fat bottom, and a fairly if not stunning face, she caused quite one male head to show that evening, and as sometimes the case at events like this one, many notes with phone numbers were sneakily slipped into her hand in the middle of a wink and a nod! Carolyn didn’t significantly take care of these political fund raisers, however once you were a model scrounging for work you took what was on the market once it had been available!!! Her agency had gotten a decision that twenty pretty plump ladies between twenty 5 and thirty 5 were required to decorate up what might are a rather drab affair, so Carolyn, together with a score of different young ladies were mingling with the DC massive shots because the wheels of presidency were being lubricated with big bucks that was flowing in from everywhere the country! Continue reading “Paperhangings”


Samantha plopped down before of her room table whereas troubled to tug on her pantie hose! “I simply gotta lose some weight,” she same with a sigh, “I’m gonna die young if I don’t!!!” when finally obtaining them on and adjusted properly, she stood up and fell her size 44DD brassiere over her shoulders whereas harnessing her large breasts in her custom created brassiere!!! She stared at herself within the mirror for many seconds till the tears finally began streaming down her cheeks onto her chest!!! ne’er in her whole life had she felt therefore alone, and he or she was certain that it absolutely was her size that drove men faraway from her!!! This morning when her shower once she stepped on the dimensions it browse 233 pounds, and a lady standing 5 feet six inches tall, well let’s simply say that she was a bit on the hefty side!!! She quickly wiped away her tears, force on her dress, and headed off to figure, hoping against all hope that sometime she would meet her blue blood charming!!! Continue reading “Overthrow”

The Incommensurable Couple

Byron puzzled why he even bothered!!! when eight months of reliably figuring out 3 times per week, he still weighed solely a hundred thirty five pounds and had arms that resembled spaghetti!!! “Okay,” he aforesaid underneath his breath, “let’s see if we are able to do tonight!!!” Lying on his back, he hoisted the free weight into the air in a shot to bench press ninety pounds, and nearly instantly he completed that he was in hassle when he brought the bar right down to his chest!!! urgently he tried to heft the iron off of his body, however the additional he struggled, the weaker he gave the impression to become!!! Continue reading “The Incommensurable Couple”