Virgin Service

“I specificly requested tea, didn’t I, Nick,” Cleo Carson asked her husband!?! “I suppose you probably did,” Nick replied with alittle smile of his face, “anyway that’s the means it measured to me!” Cleo Carson stared in cold blood at the frightened miss UN agency they’d simply employed as their maid and cook, and in an exceedingly little voice she stammered, “I-I’m sorry, Mrs. Carson, i assumed I detected you provoke occasional, if you would like American state too I will go get the tea!” “My dinner’s already been ruined by your incompetence,” she snapped whereas turning her attention back to her husband, “what does one suppose I ought to do along with her, I’m at my wits end!?!” Laural Grant stood wordlessly next to the table whereas her boss upbraided her, and far to her horror, Nick Carson recommended that she ought to be spanked! Continue reading “Virgin Service”