Trouble Harassment

XXY, simply 3 very little insignificant letters within the English alphabet, that’s unless that was your body designation and not the traditional XX or XY!!! XX equals woman, XY equals boy, whereas sex chromosome equals what!?! For Sula it meant being caught in a very permantent limbo between male and feminine, with outsized genitalia and a woman’s breasts and hips with no discernible body facial or chest hair!!! She stared intently into the total length mirror in her room, and whereas her body was improbably feminie with its excellent breasts, flat abdomen, long lean legs, and spherical soft bottom, her eyes continuously initial gravitated to her groin wherever adorned utterly} operation phallus that stood eight inches long once completely erect!!! while she stood there, the blood flowed to her organ engorging it before her terribly eyes till it had been angrily standing up, tight the eye it therefore merited, therefore with eyes closed, she grasped herself firmly and with a series of exhausting pressing jerkings, tempted a unsteady climax from her projection penis!!! once cleanup up her liquid body substance mess, Sula quickly gathered up her vesture and started dressing for work!!! Continue reading “Trouble Harassment”