The Office Call

The sounding buzzer on his intercommunication system caused a frown to cross sociologist Holton’s face as he was walking through a series of depositions on a case he was making ready for trial succeeding day! He place down the documents and in a very slightly irritated voice asked his secretary, “What is it, Alice, I asked to not be disturbed!?!” “I’m sorry, Mr. Holton,” she replied, “there may be a miss out here WHO claims to be your married woman and is stern to check you!!!” “My married woman,” he exclaimed in surprise, “I’ll be right there, thank you, Alice!!!” He strode over to the door and upon gap it, certainly, there standing next to Alice’s table was Faye, his married woman of 3 months!!! “Honey,” he aforesaid in a very slightly strained voice, “what on earth area unit you doing here, i’m fully swamped!?!” Continue reading “The Office Call”